What We Provide

Hands-on support: Third Security has a unique approach to venture capital investment management. While our Affiliated Investment Funds measure performance using absolute return on investment, Third Security's methodology for achieving those returns is more hands-on and involved than is standard in the industry.

We look for opportunities where we can add value in more ways than simply providing the target companies with access to required capital.

Toward this end, Third Security can provide a wide variety of support to our Affiliated Investment Funds and their investments, depending on the individual needs of each company. We offer a range of assistance including research, counseling, due diligence support, strategic assistance, business development and strategic advice. This value-added, hands-on approach is available whether it is a multibillion dollar public company or a start-up where our Affiliated Investment Funds provided seed capital.

Involvement: We believe that our personalized attention and extensive involvement is essential. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals with strong backgrounds and proven track records working with many different companies and industries. In addition, we offer entrepreneurs hands-on assistance with some of their most pressing challenges and distractions so they can focus on running their business.

By reviewing the criteria of our investment process, you'll get a good idea of what Third Security considers as a potential investment for our Affiliated Investment Funds. If you are the principal or the authorized representative of such a business, please contact Julian Kirk at 540-633-7900.

About Third Security

Third Security, LLC ("Third Security") is a venture capital firm characterized by an expanding global perspective and a distinctively patient approach.

On behalf of our Affiliated Investment Funds, Third Security evaluates opportunities in a wide range of industries, but principally focuses on emerging through late-stage investments in life-sciences companies.


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